Galaxy Fold Receives Features From The Galaxy Z Fold 2 In New Update

galaxy fold new update

In an official Samsung newsroom post, Samsung has announced that it will be porting some features of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 over to the Galaxy Fold in the latest update.

It is a trend for Samsung devices to pick up features from newer devices. We have seen this happen with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Series devices too.

But now, it is time for the Galaxy Fold to pick up some new features. And that too from the recently released foldable device from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The new features include productivity and unique camera features that will enhance the usability of the last year's Samsung Galaxy Fold phablet.

Multi-Active Window is something that was introduced by Samsung with the Galaxy Fold. Basically, it lets you run three apps, simultaneously.

But this year's Galaxy Z Fold 2 took these multi-tasking capabilities to the next level. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2 allows the user to arrange the multi-active windows horizontally for more flexibility.

The good thing is that with the new update, Samsung Galaxy Fold users will also be able to horizontally align the Multi-Active windows as per their requirements.

The Galaxy Fold Multi-Active Window feature can be accessed from the Edge Panel

Once you have the latest update, Galaxy Fold users can access the Multi-Active Window feature from the Edge Panel. The Multi-Window Tray and Edge Panel are combined for improved convenience.

Swipe from either side of the screen and you can add up to 22 of your favorite apps. Moreover, the new update also includes the hyped Samsung DeX feature.

Samsung DeX allows you to wirelessly share your device's screen to your big TV and use it as a desktop. You can also use the Galaxy Fold as the touchpad and connect wireless devices.

Additionally, the Galaxy Fold update brings a new Auto framing option. What this feature does is zoom in and out and track every movement of the subject to keep it centrally aligned.

Another feature coming to the Galaxy Fold is the Capture View Mode. This negates the need for opening a separate screen to view your shots.

Users can view up to 5 images on the left side of the Galaxy Fold display while having the preview of the next photo in the other half of the display.

The Galaxy Fold also gets Pro Video mode with 21:9 aspect ratio and 24fps recording

The Galaxy Fold is also getting some new camera features. Owners of the device can now make use of the secondary display on the phone for photography purposes. For that, you have to use the Dual Preview feature.

It allows the photographer and the subject to see the preview on both the cover and internal display. This way the subject can make necessary adjustments before the shot is clicked.

More importantly for those who are serious about photography on their Galaxy Fold, there is a Pro Video mode as well. It comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 24fps recording support. Dual Preview also works for videos.

On top of all these features, users can now also take rear cam selfies. You can view the preview of the image on the front display, then click high-quality selfies.

Last but not least, the new update also makes it easy for the users to share Wi-Fi network passwords with friends and family members. Meaning that you no longer need to repeat the password again and again to each and every individual.

Also, it gives you an indication of the speed of the Wi-Fi, i.e. Very Fast, Fast, Normal and Slow.