Fortnite On The Galaxy Tab S7 Offers Up Super Smooth Gameplay

Fortnite Galaxy Tab S7

Fortnite is available to a wide range of Android devices, including the Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung's latest tablet.

Even though you can no longer install the game from the Play Store, Samsung still offers it in its Galaxy App Store. And if you have a Galaxy Tab S7, you now have more of a reason to install Fortnite.

It has some super smooth gameplay that wasn't available on the Galaxy Tab S7 prior to today. That isn't to say the gameplay wasn't smooth before, but it's certainly better now.


Fortnite on the Galaxy Tab S7 now runs at 90fps

Since 90fps Fortnite was introduced earlier this year for mobile, it was only ever available on OnePlus devices.

This was because OnePlus has an exclusivity deal with Epic Games to allow 90fps on mobile. That exclusivity is now over, which means the compatibility is going to start opening up to more phones and tablets that support 90fps on their displays.

For Samsung, the first device in a line of probably many is its newest tablet. To be clear, this works with the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7+ model. So you won't be locked out if you don't have the more expensive version of the tablet.


Samsung doesn't mention any other devices that will gain the 90fps capability. It does however have at least a few more devices that would work. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one example. Though it's still just a variable refresh rate, it will go up to 120Hz where available.

So Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners may want to look forward to playing Fortnite at 90fps at some point in the near future.

You will need to update Fortnite from the Galaxy App Store

This is fairly obvious, but you'll need to update the game (or install it) from the Galaxy App Store. Since it's no longer available on the Play Store.


You could technically update or install the APK from the Epic Games Launcher, and it would likely still work at 90fps. But Samsung does mention that the app has to be updated through the Galaxy App Store.

So perhaps it's a special version of the game on Android that allows for the support. In either case, now you can play the game with a much smoother frame rate than before. And that's never a bad thing especially with games that have fast-paced gameplay like Fortnite does. Frames win games as they say.