Files by Google Gets Media Player Volume & Brightness Gesture Controls

files by google update

It seems like Google is not done rolling out new features for the Files by Google app. Because, as per a new report, Files by Google is getting media player volume and brightness gesture controls.

Notably, this file manager app was previously called the Files Go, which was available on Android Go devices. However, later in 2017, Google announced Files by Google app as a dedicated file manager app.

Just recently, the File by Google app picked up the safe folder, PDF handler, and video playback speed controls. The video playback speed controls let you swipe on each side of the screen to seek through the video.


And now, some more video playback controls like volume and brightness controls are now pushed for the File by Google app. Well, this is neat as a simple swipe on the screen would dim the brightness and increase/decrease the volume.

This negates the need to press the volume button or pause the video to tweak the brightness from the in-phone brightness control. Interestingly, these same gestures are available on Android’s in-built video player.

Besides, third-party apps like VLC, MX Player, etc. had these features, well, since their inception. Which is also one of the reasons people used to download them straight away to consume video content.


Thanks to the latest update, Files by Google brings this feature to the table. And now, users can watch the video right with the in-built video player and swipe to control the media.

 The volume controls are on the right and brightness control is on the left side

These new Files by Google media player controls have their specified places for swiping. Notably, the volume can be increased/decreased by swiping on the right side.

While the brightness can be controlled from the left side. Basically, it is the same as that of MX Player. So, if you are familiar with swiping controls for the MX Player, then you know what we are talking about.


Good thing is that the Files by Google media controls works without any hiccups, whether you are watching content in portrait on landscape mode.

Meaning that you can watch the content as it has been actually shot. And use the media controls to tweak the in-content brightness or volume by swiping.

These new File by Google media controls have been spotted on the app version 1.0.332273520. Moreover, this app version was pushed towards the end of September.


So, if you have already updated the app then, try playing some video and see if the feature works. If you have not grabbed the update, you can press the below button to download the app from Google Play Store.

files by google media controls