Fiit Training App Is Now Available On Amazon Fire TV Devices

fiit app on amazon fire tv

Amazon Fire TV users now have a chance to stay fit right at their home. According to the latest development, the Fiit training app is now available for the Amazon Fire TV device users.

The current pandemic scenario has locked the peoples in their homes. And the idea of going to an actual gym for a workout can be daunting for many.

However, you can make use of the different training apps available on Android or iOS. But what better way to have your training app guiding your way to fitness straight from your big screen TV.


Amazon Fire TV device users can now download the popular fitness training application, Fiit on their Amazon Fire TV. The Fiit app provides a plethora of workout routines and classes.

You can also choose the workout routine that suits you the best and accordingly go on the path of fitness. This is a great way to burn those extra calories that you might have put on because of being stuck at home.

Fiit comes with multiple strength and cardio workout routines. Moreover, there is a premium package that includes over 600 classes from 35 certified trainers.


Fiit training app is now accessible through the Amazon Fire TV

And now, since the Fiit training app is available via the Amazon Fire TV, you simply need to search for the app and download it. Once the app is downloaded, launch it directly from the Amazon Fire menu.

Previously, Fiit partnered with Sky Q boxes, which saw Fiit become Sky’s first-ever fitness training app offering. Users will now be able to access hundreds of training routines right from their homes.

Now for those who are wondering how all this works. On the Fiit training app, you need to download the specific training video that you wish to do directly on your device.


If you have the premium subscription, then you can access premium workout routines. This would be more than enough for you to continue with your fitness regime.

Users can opt for the Fiit training app through their Amazon Fire TV, to stay healthy and workout at their convenience. We don’t know how much more time this coronavirus would take to go away.

The only thing people can do at the moment is to stay at home and do most of their tasks from home. And keeping fit is one of the most essential things which now users can do via the Fiit app on Amazon Fire TV devices.