Facebook Messenger Gets Revamped With New Logo & Fresh Design

facebook messenger new icon

Facebook has been continuously attempting to unify its Instagram app with the Messenger app. And now, the company has pushed a new update that brings new chat themes, custom reactions, and a more colorful logo for Facebook Messenger.

Over time, Messenger has received some new features like virtual chat rooms, Watch Together feature, and more. With all these refreshments, the company aims at providing a universal way of connecting with your loved ones.

The official blog post includes a video that highlights the new features that Facebook Messenger has garnered over the years. Moreover, the company aims at shifting to the future of messaging.


The new logo strikingly resembles the color scheme of its other fan-favorite social media app, Instagram. Call it a way to progress towards unifying all its social media apps, the company wants to start from the aesthetics.

And with the new colorful logo, the company is parting ways with the age-old blue and white color logo. Apart from the logo, the update also brings new chat themes, new chat colors, and custom reactions to the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger will also get selfie stickers and vanish mode features soon

Good thing is that Facebook also gave us a hint that what all new features one should expect from Facebook in the coming days.

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Notably, as per the official post, the new selfie stickers and vanish mode will also be rolling out for the app soon. These features are aimed at giving more personalization options to make chats fun.

The vanish mode would make the messages disappear once you leave the chat or after they have been viewed by the recipient. Thus, increasing the privacy and security of chats.

In fact, the company is planning to bring support for third-party AR effects to the Messenger app starting next year.


Besides, the support for the latest Chat Bubbles has also been added. Note that this feature is a default in the Android 11 OS. So, keeping in mind the current trend the company has included this feature as well.

Additionally, the cross-app integration with Instagram, the Messenger Experience feature will be pushed for the Facebook Messenger users in the North America region pretty soon.

The new chat themes include Pride, Love, and Tie-dye themes. Keep in mind that the new Facebook Messenger update with all these features is now available.


Those who want to update to the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app, you can grab the app from the Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS devices.