Dive Into OnePlus's Immersive VR Experience, OnePlus World

oneplus world

Seems like there is no stopping OnePlus at the moment. The company is all set to release the OnePlus 8T smartphone on October 14. But before that, OnePlus has unveiled OnePlus World.

OnePlus World is OnePlus's take on providing virtual experience to the users. This launch has been strategically done before the launch of the devices, because, hey! It's OnePlus we are talking about.

OnePlus World would give its users a complete 360-degree interactive platform that gives all the fun elements users can interact with. Once you enter the OnePlus World, you will be asked to create an avatar.


You can either hit the 'surprise me' button or customize and create your new avatar altogether. Moreover, users can even upload their own images and use them as their avatar's face.

Good thing is that you do not need any VR headsets or gadgets to experience the OnePlus World. You can take a stroll down the interactive platform with just your OnePlus devices.

OnePlus World has plenty of games, many fun activities for the users

Apparently, you would require some games and fun activities to really experience the OnePlus World VR experience. And that's what OnePlus is providing its users with the OnePlus World.


There are plenty of games like Ultra Tennis, Spell Off, Hertz, and WarpRide. You can play games to earn points. Ultra tennis is a tennis game where you can win to earn 10 points.

Spell Off requires the user to find as many words as possible to earn points. WarpRide is a multiplayer game where you can play with others and you have to collect crystals.

OnePlus has also included reward points in the OnePlus World. The prizes will be given to the top 50 players in the daily points leaderboard.


To give you some idea about the prizes, it consists of a 20 percent discount coupon for accessories, OnePlus 8T case, OnePlus branded water bottle, Bullets Wireless Z, and the OnePlus Buds.

Well, OnePlus is not shying away is giving rewards. Notably, the user who becomes an overall leaderboard in 14 days wins OnePlus 8T.

The OnePlus Museum takes you down the memory lane of older OnePlus devices

One of the best things about this VR OnePlus World is the OnePlus Museum. It takes you down the memory lane of all 3D models of the OnePlus devices starting from OnePlus One.


There is an auditorium where users can watch the OnePlus 8T live event on October 14. This OnePlus Museum is also the place where you can see virtually #ShotonOnePlus gallery.

The images shared here are from the users of the OnePlus global community. Seems like OnePlus has really taken AR and VR seriously because the OnePlus Nord launched in AR.

And the upcoming OnePlus 8T will also be launched via this VR OnePlus World. You simply need to head here to this link and experience the OnePlus World.