Chromebook Perks Includes 90-Day Trials For Stadia & GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW Chromebooks

A Chromebook could be the perfect gaming laptop if you played games through services like GeForce NOW or Stadia.

And as one would have it, owning a Chromebook is a good way to test out both GeForce NOW and Stadia. Because owning one is a way to get a 90-day trial of them for free.

As part of Google’s Chromebook perks offering, anyone who purchased one of the laptops within a certain time period can claim these trials. Also worth noting is that the Stadia trial isn’t super new. It’s been around for at least a few months. The GeForce NOW perk however seems to be a little more fresh.


Claim your Stadia and GeForce NOW trials from a Chromebook

Aside from having to purchase a Chromebook, or having already done so, there is really only a couple of other caveats.

First, you have to claim the free trials from a Chromebook. If you try to click the perks link from any other device that can search the web and load up webpages, it won’t work.

You’ll just end up seeing a message that tells you the offer is only good for Chromebook owners. So, if you have one, open your Chrome browser before trying to claim the offer.


In regards to the GeForce NOW offer specifically, you have to be a new member and select a qualifying paid membership to go along with it. If you already subscribe to GeForce NOW, it seems the offer isn’t valid.

The Stadia offer is though. So even if you’ve been a Stadia Pro subscriber for a while, you can still claim the offer and get your next 90 days free.

The offer is only valid for Chromebooks purchased after June 2017

If you bought a Chromebook before June 2017, the offer is not valid for you, unfortunately. If however you need an upgrade on your Chromebook, Google will surely be happy to sell you one. As would Amazon.


This isn’t an offer that should convince people to rush out and buy Chromebooks. But if you were already planning on getting one, or you own one right now, you might as well take advantage of the perks Google is giving you.

90 days of GeForce NOW equals out to $15. And 90 days of Stadia Pro equals out to $30. So in all you’re saving yourself $45. That’s not a bad deal if you’re an existing Chromebook owner.

Again though, a savings of $45 may not exactly justify the purchase of a brand-new Chromebook since the cost is going to be higher than that for the hardware.