Apple's MagSafe Charger Works With A Few Android Smartphones

Apple Magsafe Charger

During the Apple iPhone 12 launch event, MagSafe made its comeback in an all-new avatar. The company also announced a range of MagSafe accessories including cases, a leather wallet, and a wireless charger. Interestingly, the MagSafe wireless charger is now found to be working with at least some of the high-end Android smartphones.

Apart from charging iPhones wirelessly, MagSafe also magnetically holds and aligns the wireless charger or any other MagSafe accessory. In the video posted by Zollotech (embedded below), the new MagSafe Charger is magnetically attached to the aluminum back of the Google Pixel 5 and even charges wirelessly.

New MagSafe Charger from Apple is also working with some Android smartphones

However, the magnetic connection is not as firm as on the new iPhones. Apple included an array of magnets inside the iPhone 12 devices, which are missing on these other devices. Since the MagSafe Charger supports the Qi standard, it can basically charge any Qi-enabled devices.


Meanwhile, the magnetic connection purely depends on the build of these non-Apple devices. According to XDA Developers, the MagSafe Charger also attaches magnetically to the Galaxy S20 FE. Unlike the Google Pixel 5, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes with a plastic back.

As the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 features magnets in its hinge, the MagSafe charge will obviously offer a stronger connection. It’s not worth the risk to trust these magnetic accessories since the shattered display or back will cost at least a couple of hundreds of dollars to get replaced.

It only offers up to 7.5W wireless charging speeds for other devices

Nevertheless, users always need to be extra cautious while using the MagSafe Charger with any non-compatible device. These new MagSafe accessories will indeed create a new revenue stream for the trillion-dollar company through its “Made for iPhone” program. However, there will be no official support for Android smartphones.

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The company embedded magnets in the iPhone to firmly attach with the MagSafe accessories. The included NFC chip will let the device show an appropriate animation. While the MagSafe Charger can deliver speeds up to 20W for the new iPhones, its limited to 7.5W for other devices.

If you are looking to test the MagSafe Charger with your Android smartphone, it will surely be a costly affair as Apple is currently retailing it for $39.99. There are several third-party Qi wireless chargers that cost a lot less. Moreover, these chargers additionally offer better wireless charging speeds than Apple’s MagSafe Charger.