Antivirus Solutions For Android Smartphones

Privacy Cyber Security AH Nov AH 2019

There are so many advantages to using an Android smartphone that it is easy to sweep one of the biggest issues under the rug. Whereas closed systems like Apple’s are almost impenetrable, Android devices are susceptible to viruses.

It is the price we pay for customizability and control of our own content, but it is still something that needs to be addressed. If you don’t already have an antivirus for your Android smartphone, you are playing fast and loose with your data.

But what should you be looking for in an antivirus app for Android? Obviously, security and reliability will be at the top of your priorities. You can assess these factors according to the research of bestantivirus.com. What other features and extras should you be looking for?


WiFi Scanning

We are all suckers for public WiFi. Data is still somewhat expensive, and when we are out in public, using free or cheap WiFi access is tempting. The problem is that public WiFi is notoriously unsecured. That is, after all, the cost of it being public.

WiFi scanning is a great feature with any antivirus. It ensures that you can use public WiFi without worrying about viruses or hackers. Most of the best antivirus providers offer WiFi scanning as a feature, although some do charge more for the service.

Built-in VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is at least as important as antivirus software. Your data is remarkably easy to steal if you use the internet without one. There are many great VPN providers out there, offering an excellent service with numerous benefits. However, it is cheaper and more efficient to get antivirus software that has a built-in VPN.


These bundled VPNs are not as specialized as the options you will get from companies that offer VPNs as their sole service. But unless you are searching for particular benefits or need access to more servers around the world, the VPN that comes with the best antivirus software is more than good enough.

Anti-theft tools

Since you are defending your device with antivirus software, why not defend against all threats, not just those that happen online? Some antivirus providers offer anti-theft tools that are effective for anyone who loses a phone or is robbed.

Anti-theft tools will take photos of potential thieves using your phone, offer the chance to wipe your phone when stolen, and make it easier to track even when thieves try to disable location settings.


App defense

Unfortunately, it is very easy to download dangerous apps on an Android phone. Hackers are constantly disgusting viruses as apps on the Android store. It is important that your antivirus will have your back when deciding which apps to download.

Antivirus that comes with an app advisor will help you make the right choices. The best security tool is only as good as its most careless user, and we all have the tendency to let our guards down.

Antivirus software should be ready to step in at every stage, offering protection from hackers as well as from your own complaisance.