Android TV Data Saver App Arrives To The Google Play Store

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Good news for Android TV users because Google is now rolling out the Android TV Data Saver app via the Google Play Store. It is positive to see Google paying some attention to Android TV.

Normally, Android TV is not the one that picks up updates every now and then. However, that changes today as the Android TV data saver app is now live for Android TV.

For the unaware, Android TV Data Saver mode was already available to the Android TV users in India, since last year. This data saver mode allows the users, who do not have high-speed WiFi at home, to connect their Android TV with a mobile hotspot.


But now, this feature is arriving for all the Android TVs via the Google Play Store as a standalone app. Android TV OS has been in high demand among various smart TV manufacturers.

And with such new nifty features, this gives all these smart TV manufacturers one more element to add to their device's features list. In fact, not everyone is on unlimited internet.

So, this feature would save the data for the users that use their Android TV with a mobile hotspot. This feature is more or less similar to Google Chrome in Lite Mode.

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Android TV Data Saver App streams at lower bitrates or resolution to save data

Just like Google Chrome in Lite Mode, the Android TV Data Saver app streams the content on lower bitrates or resolution to save as much data as possible.

So, the annoying buffer that comes up on slow internet connections could be avoided. Good thing is that users can play content seamlessly without worrying about buffering.

Moreover, users can also limit their data usage to avoid excessive usage of data. This would warn you of your data use so you don’t get a shock with excess fees on your mobile data plan.


There is a sad part of this Android TV Data Saver app. And that is, it is not available for all regions. As per XDA, they were not able to install this app on their NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro in the U.S.

So, this means that the Data Saver app is region-locked. We hope that this lock is opened to more regions. Besides, the Play Store listing shows Google's way of providing faster updates separately from the Android TV OS.

Recently, Google announced Android 11 for TVs, but we think that will be coming with newer TV models. And older ones will be stuck with either Android 9.0 or 8.0.


If you wish to try your luck, you can grab the Android TV Data Save app from the Google Play Store by clicking the button below:

Android TV Data Saver (Play Store)