Android, Bitcoin, Blockchain: 5 Things You Need to Know

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In this digital age, almost everyone has a smartphone. Moreover, the majority of mobile users have android phones. It is affordable for many people and supports a wide range of applications that many other mobile operating systems do not support (for example, Apple restricts the users to use many third-party apps).

No matter which mobile you use, it allows you to do almost everything you need for your daily life. It helps you in shopping, learning new skills, making your payments, and much more.

On top of that, you can also invest in digital currencies like bitcoin. Also, there are many ways to earn money from bitcoin, and one of the best ways is from mining. In case you want to know about bitcoin mining, visit bitcoin era. If you have some idea about cryptocurrencies, then you must have heard about blockchain technology. Blockchain technology makes up the core part of the whole concept of cryptocurrencies.


Here I have shared the five important things that everyone should know about android, bitcoin, and blockchain.

Five Things to Know About Android, Bitcoin, Blockchain

If you search for any of these keywords on the internet, you will find thousands of articles and videos. This information is spreading because there is a huge demand for virtual currencies (especially bitcoin). Now let me share the most important things you need to know before entering into this new space.

Android App Is the Easiest Way to get involved in Bitcoin and Blockchain

As we all are used to Android applications, it’s easier to start your bitcoin journey with android apps. There are many bitcoin and blockchain-based apps that offer various services, such as:

  • Bitcoin News Apps
  • Investment and Trading Apps
  • Crypto Wallet Apps
  • Blockchain Learning Apps
  • Crypto Mining Apps

Once you explore different types of apps, you can understand how these things work. It also helps you to know whether you should get involved in this field.

Bitcoin is the Original Cryptocurrency

I guess you may have come across the terms “Cryptocurrency,” “Internet Money,” or “Virtual Currency” on the internet or from your friends. If you don’t know anything about them, here you will learn what cryptocurrency is.

Cryptocurrencies are a form of value transactions that allows you to transfer money to any part of the world without the help of any bank or financial institution. It works through a peer-to-peer digital network with no central authority. It is the most efficient, cost-saving, and secure way of value transfer.


More importantly, bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency developed by a pseudo-anonymous name Satoshi Nakamoto. Also, it is the most-valued cryptocurrency and considered the best investment digital asset so far.

The Demand for Bitcoin is on the Rise

Only a decade has passed since the cryptocurrencies had come into existence, but thousands of cryptocurrencies have evolved in these ten years. Still, bitcoin remained at the top position in terms of market capitalization. So the demand is growing, and many professional investors predict, “Bitcoin will reach the $1 million mark” in terms of price evaluation.

Blockchain is the Underlying Technology

The new form of value transfer and investment platform was possible due to blockchain technology. Before the invention of this technology, several attempts have been made to solve the double-spending problem of cryptocurrencies. But every attempt failed, and the issue was resolved after the release of blockchain in 2008. It’s a distributed ledger technology that secures transactions through cryptographic encryption.


Blockchain Has Much Real-Word Application

Initially, blockchain brought a revolution in the finance industry. Gradually, other industries also tested this technology for their operations, and it is now one of the most useful technologies of the 21st century. Although every business has not adopted this, it has application in the following industries:

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Supply Chain Industry
  • Banking Sectors
  • Data Security


Now I hope you have gained some insights on bitcoin and blockchain technology. If you are interested, you can download an android app to learn more about this field. Remember, you need to check the legitimacy of the app before you install it in your phone.