Android 11 Bug Restricts Apps From Running Fullscreen

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Android 11 is now a month old. With all the hype around the OS, Google released it for its Pixel devices, and now, other OEMs are also catching up to it.

Notably, Android 11 brings tons of tweaks and enhances existing features. There is not much new to offer. Well, we have said it many times that Android is a mature OS.

This means that in the future versions also, you will see some advancements and tweaks done to the available features. And new features would be very limited, as there is not much new to offer which the OS does not have already.


One new thing that Android 11 bundled is a fullscreen bug. This bug prevents apps to run on fullscreen. Apparently, this Android 11 fullscreen bug is affecting a lot of users, especially gamers.

Several gaming apps are not able to show all the in-game content due to this bug. Reportedly, the navigation bar and the status bar remains visible onscreen while hiding the important in-game buttons.

Moreover, games and apps like YouTube take up the entire screen of the device to show its content. However, users running Android 11 have reported that due to the bug, apps cannot fill the entire display.

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This Android 11 fullscreen bug was also present in the Android 11 beta updates

What's more interesting is that this Android 11 fullscreen bug was present in the beta updates. Users reported the presence of this bug, but Google does not seem to have fixed it in the stable update.

Besides, this bug was also present on Android 11 One UI 3.0 running Samsung devices. This bug is annoying for gamers. Needless to say, smartphones are getting taller and wider with each releasing smartphone.

And all games utilize the entire screen of the device to show its content. With this bug, the gameplay on Android 11 running devices has really hampered.


For various games, the maps and other important gaming controls are shown either at the top or the bottom of the screen. And since this bug keeps the status or navigation bar visible, users are not able to play games conveniently.

Even after reporting this bug during the beta phase of Android 11, Google failed to fix this issue, which is quite weird. Because the beta phase is there for fixing bugs and all the irregularities with the update before making it official.

All we can do right now is to wait for Google to acknowledge this issue and come up with a fix. Since this bug has been widespread and reported by multiple users, we are speculating a hotfix update or a fix along with the monthly security update.