Anayst Shares More Info About The Galaxy S21 Ultra Display

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A well-known analyst has just shared some additional info about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra display. This information comes from Ross Young, who is actually a display analyst. He has shared a lot of information about a number of devices thus far, and was usually spot on.

That being said, the latest piece of information he released confirms that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature a 6.8-inch display. That is the display size that was mentioned in several rumors thus far.

That’s not all, though. He also says that we’re looking at the LTPO display, so, we’ll get the same technology that Samsung used in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. LTPO stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide display. That is a step up from LTPS displays.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature a 120Hz display, analyst claims

Mr. Young also noted that the phone will probably feature a 120Hz panel. Some rumors suggested we’ll get a 144Hz display, but that probably won’t happen.

On top of all that, the analyst also said that “one other exciting feature” is coming with the device. He was referring to a display feature, by the way. Could it be support for an S Pen? Well, it’s possible.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to launch in January next year. Samsung seemingly moved the launch date for the Galaxy S21 series, as the devices are expected to launch six weeks earlier than usual.


As part of the series, we’ll get three smartphones. Samsung will announce the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra during that event. That is, at least, what the rumors have been saying.

Nothing is set in stone yet, as Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything. All three of those phones will resemble their predecessors in terms of the design. It seems like Samsung won’t move to under-display camera tech, or anything of the sort, at least not yet. A lot more Galaxy S21 info will surface in the coming weeks / months.