Amazfit Just Dropped New Smartwatches And You May Want Them Both

Amazfit GTR 2

As we're nearing the end of the year not many more products are going to be launching, but Huami seems keen on taking advantage of that, and has just dropped two new Amazfit smartwatches.

You may want them both. Or at least one of them, because both new smartwatches from Huami's Amazfit brand seem packed with features. And packed with even more value thanks to their affordable price tags. Especially when compared to other competing smartwatches on the market right now.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for example starts at $399. And anything from Amazfit is available at a fraction of that price. These days, saving a little money can't be understated. So Amazfit may have something here for many consumers headed into a time of holiday shopping for gifts.


Both new smartwatches from Amazfit have always on displays

The always on display is a staple in many smartwatches these days. And this includes both new watches that Amazfit announced this morning.

The two watches are successors to already existing devices. The Amazfit GTR 2 and the Amazfit GTS 2. Always on displays are hardly the only worthy feature though. It's merely one of the more notable ones that people will recognize and they'll be interacting with it on a daily basis.

One downside of them though is that they tend to drain the battery faster. So if you prefer long-lasting battery life, enabling the always on display is probably not the best idea.

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In addition to the always on display, both watches come with the new BioTracker 2 heart rate monitor and work with the PAI system that can be found on other Amazfit products. Like the Amazfit Band 5.

They also feature a 5ATM rating for water resistance, which is pretty common for many wrist worn wearables now, and each watch comes with 3GB of internal storage for music.

Priced to move at an affordable $179

While the allure of some of the more premium smartwatches can be tempting, it's hard to ignore a lower price point.


Both the Amazfit GTS 2 and Amazfit GTR 2 are priced to move at an affordable $179. That's less than half the cost of the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Apple Watch Series 6. And those are just a couple of comparison examples.

For less than half of the cost of those two watches (and others), you get multiple sport modes for tracking tons of different exercise activities, a few different style options, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, GPS tracking, and much more.

It's clear that Huami wants to sell as many of these watches as it can. Because it loaded them up with features and is offering them at a cost that is more palatable to the consumer right now.


Huami has these for sale on the Amazfit website, and they'll likely be available on Amazon in the near future.