New Adobe Photoshop Camera Update Brings Support For Multiple Lenses & More

adobe photoshop camera app update

If you are not sure of the stock camera app pre-installed on your smartphone, then you can always make use of the Google Camera or GCam app or the Adobe Photoshop Camera app.

Google Camera app or the GCam app is one of the trusted secondary camera apps for Android users. We all know the image processing prowess Google has and brings with it its Pixel phones.

In fact, in the recently launched Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, even after using almost 4-year-old camera hardware, the company is able to achieve camera results that could easily compete with today's best devices.

And almost similar imaging capabilities can be achieved on any Android device, using the GCam app. Moreover, you can search for your device-compatible GCam app from the internet.

To give competition to the Google Camera app, Adobe has the Adobe Photoshop Camera app. Besides, the latest update brings some new features like multiple lens support, timer function, additional language support, etc.

Notably, this new Adobe Photoshop camera update is arriving after a long gap. The update carries version number v1.10 and is rolling out via the Google Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Camera app update address multiple limitations of the first build

The latest Adobe Photoshop Camera update v1.10 is meant to fix the multiple limitations the app had in the first build. Most prominent is the support for multiple lenses.

For those who are unaware of the app, the Photoshop Camera app is an impressive way to make use of the high-end Adobe post-processing effects on your images.

You get real-time photoshop effects, auto-tone photo effects, portrait controls, various camera filters, and several other options. There are many features that you would not find on the GCam app.

However, before this new v1.10 update, even though your smartphone had multiple lenses, you could not use it with the Adobe Photoshop Camera app.

But now, you can change the focal length quickly with the tap of a button after the latest update. Additionally, the update also improves the auto-detection function.

This would enable more accurate detection of the subject. Ultimately, improving the effects as they can now be accurately applied to the subject.

You also get the new countdown timer for the shutter. This could prove beneficial when you want to make some framing adjustments before capturing the actual shot.

The Photoshop Camera app timer can be set to one of three presets, i.e. 0, 3, and 10 seconds. Apparently, this flexibility in timer is more than enough for many users.

If you have not updated your Adobe Photoshop Camera app, then you should click the button below in order to grab the latest update of the app from the Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Camera (Play Store)