You Can Adjust Pixel 5 ‘Vibration & Haptics’ With Elevated Settings

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A new report by 9to5Google shows that Pixel 5 users can now adjust the vibration and haptics under the Settings menu. Since the quality of the vibration motor has been improved, this is a nice feature to have.

Google took a detour this year. And instead of a flagship device, released two mid-range 5G smartphones, i.e. the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G.

The Pixel 5 out of the two has some better features, obviously, as it is the successor to last year's Pixel 4. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor, coupled with 8GB of RAM.


Under the hood, the device packs a 4,080 mAh battery. Moreover, the display of the device stands at 6-inches and is a 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution screen.

But what is more concerning is that Google has not been updating its camera hardware. And the Pixel 5 comes with the same camera hardware that was there in the last Pixel phones.

It is a shame. Because Google's post image processing capabilities is by far the best on any smartphone. And if we match that up with brilliant camera hardware, think what wonders it could create.

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Fortunately, Google did not compromise with the vibration and haptic feedback motor. In fact, Pixel 5 some of the best vibration motors installed. And the device lets the user adjust it under Settings.

The new option allows the Pixel 5 users to control vibration and haptic strength

The controls are buried under the "Sound & vibration" menu. Notably, here, the "Sound" menu has been changed over to "Sound & vibration". So, do not get confused.

Under the "Sound & vibration" menu you will see a new option "Vibration & haptics." The first option here allows the users to completely turn On/Off phone vibration.


The next option includes whether you want your calls to always/never buzz or simply vibrate first, then ring gradually. Well, hold on there. There is more to it.

Next, the users can now control the vibration and haptic strength for Ring Vibration, Notification Vibration, and Touch feedback. There are three increments or vibration settings for each option.

For Pixel 5 users, this menu has been given a separate place under the General settings options. However, on older Pixel devices, these vibration control settings under the Accessibility.


The options are laid out as three separate menus with each having four options, i.e. High Medium, Low, and Off. For devices like Pixel 4a, you can only turn on or off the vibration motor.

But with Pixel 5, users have more control over the vibration and haptics motor for different settings. We hope that this new design feature for settings and vibration and haptics control would come to older Pixel devices via an update.