Sekiro Is One Of Two Major Game Titles Hitting Stadia This Week

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Today is a big week for Stadia, and a big week for Stadia subscribers, because Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of two major game titles launching on the platform this week.

In addition to Sekiro, Ubisoft is due to release its latest game, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Stadia is getting its version of the game at the same time as other platforms. While Sekiro has been out for more than a year, having been released in March of 2019, it’s still an excellent title to have.

It was voted Game of The Year at 2019’s Game Awards, and it’s a punishing experience that is also rewarding that Stadia players are sure to love. When it comes to Watch Dogs: Legion, this is a big AAA game that has yet to release for any platform. Which makes it one more game that is launching day and date for Stadia players.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will launch on Stadia on October 28

In its official blog post, the Stadia team has confirmed that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will arrive for players on October 28.

That’s tomorrow, which means very soon you’ll be able to dive into all the madness that awaits you. If you’ve not played a Soulsborne game before, you’re in for a treat with Sekiro. But also plenty of rage-filled failures. Because the game is definitely a challenge and success won’t come easy to most.

For those that are willing to brave the perilous dangers of Ashina, Google is putting Sekiro up for a reduced cost. Instead of paying a full retail price for the game, which some may have expected, it will cost $38.99.


It currently retails for $59.99 on Steam. And it’s the same price on PSN. Keep in mind these are digital copies. And you can likely find a physical disc copy of the game for less than $30. If however you want the ability to play Sekiro anywhere, you get it for a pretty good price on Google’s cloud gaming platform.

Watch Dogs: Legion launches on Stadia on October 29

If you’re not a glutton for punishment, Watch Dogs: Legion is likely to be much more forgiving in its gameplay. And it lands on Stadia this week as well.

On October 29, players will be able to purchase the game for $59.99. There will probably be some premium editions available in there but at the moment Google hasn’t mentioned them. That being said every Ubisoft title thus far has had some sort of a premium edition that comes with DLC and bonus in-game items to start with. So look out for those.


Aside from the new games, there are also new Pro deals and new discounts for non-Pro subscribers. Like SUPERHOT for $9.99, and a bunch of Dead by Daylight deals that are slightly more discounted for Pro subscribers.