It's About Time YouTube Music Playlists Improved & Now They Are

YouTube Music Playlists DG AH 2020

YouTube Music is receiving a wealth of improvements the company wants users to know about, focusing mostly on playlists. And given the fact that this service is effectively nullifying Google Play Music, that's definitely a good thing. Especially since the service has, off and on, been equally lauded and dismissed. Now, the Google-owned company is putting its best foot forward to give its app a more pronounced direction.

Namely, YouTube wants to make playlists a central feature for its Music offering.

Among the biggest recent improvements to YouTube Music is the company's shift to make playlists more social. That's not just its recent decision to make public playlists visible on friends' profiles either. Although that is certainly one of the changes, with the lists appearing just below a users' profile.


Users can also create collaborative playlists with their friends, thanks to recent updates. And it couldn't be easier, since anybody in the collaboration can share, sort, add to, or otherwise edit playlists. To get started, users simply need to tap the playlist's pencil icon to start editing. Then, selecting "Collaborate" will launch the appropriate tools. Collaborators can be added directly or invited via a link.

So what's recently new on YouTube Music?

YouTube has also improved the way playlists are automatically created, with the latest run of redesigns. With the assistive playlists feature, the service will suggest songs based on "signals."

That includes the addition of songs based on the playlist's title, existing songs, and user history. Up to seven suggestions will be shown at a time and there's a refresh button to view more.

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All of that is, of course, setting aside mixes made for users on the YouTube Music Home page and tab. Such as a list to "Discover" artists or songs based on listening history, the "New release" mix, the more personalized "Your mix," or the "Liked" songs playlist.

Finally, in the Explore tab, users can find thousands of pre-programmed and constantly updating playlists. Those have been around for some time and generally focus on moods and genres. But YouTube is getting some new lists to explore. The company lists those as The Hit List, RELEASED, On Everything, Al Millón, and Country Hotlist.

Most of those are self-explanatory. The Country Hotlist will showcase country music, for example. And just the hits. The Hit List, conversely, showcases the current top songs. Al Millón is the place to go for Latin music, updated weekly. On the other hand, RELEASED is updated every Friday and presents users with the hottest songs for the week. And On Everything focuses more exclusively on Hip-Hop in a similar vein.


All of this is already here

Now, none of these new features is anything that end-users will need to wait around for. They're already part of the main app experience on Android and iOS. So anybody interested in checking them out will simply need to open the app up. Or head over to their device's app store and make sure their app is updated to the latest version.