YouTube Music Lets Free Users Cast Music To Smart Speakers

YouTube Music AH NS 02

As per a new report by 9to5Google, reveal that now free YouTube Music users will be able to cast uploaded songs to their smart speakers.

Google has been going bonkers with the addition of new features and preparing YouTube Music as an alternative to Google Music. Because the latter is going to gradually shut down.

Though several users have not liked this transition from Google Music to YouTube Music. But that is how Google wants its users to play music.


Well, all is not bad when it comes to YouTube Music. Google has ported a lot of features from Google Music to YouTube Music, to make its users feel at home.

There are some lucrative incentives along the way as well. Notably, transitioned user’s gifted Google Play Music subscription will now be converted over to Play Store credit.

This will help them get the full benefit of the gifted subscription, even though Google Music is going down. And now, it seems like the company is addressing one more issue related to free YouTube Music users.


A new set of codes highlight the changes for free YouTube Music users

In an APK insight post, 9to5Google found out that some strings in the latest YouTube Music app reveal new features for free users, enabling them to cast their music to smart speakers.

Previously, in order to cast uploaded music, you need to have a premium subscription. But now, Google may change this feature and also bring for free users.

Once implemented, free users will be able to cast their uploaded library to smart speakers. But there is a catch. YouTube Music will clear out all the songs in your queue, after giving you a warning.


However, Premium tier users will remain unaffected by this feature. Check out the strings in the YouTube Music app that highlights this new feature:

<string name=”audio_only_castability_missing_start_playback_toast”>Play your uploads now or get Premium to play all YouTube Music songs</string>

<string name=”audio_only_castability_missing_queue_toast”>You can only add uploads to your queue. Upgrade to add YouTube Music songs.</string>


<string name=”mdx_audio_cast_uploads_confirmation_dialog_message”>YouTube Music songs will be removed from your queue once you connect to your speakers</string>

The app already allows users to download uploaded tracks for offline listening

Although users were allowed to download uploaded songs for offline listening, the casting feature was for some or the other reason, missing from the app.

But now Google has taken the matter at hand and may soon release the feature for the YouTube Music app. This is a good feature added for the free users.


The new strings were found in the YouTube Music app version 3.83 and are rolling out via Google Play Store. Let us know your thoughts on this latest addition.