YouTube Music Begins Releasing Spotify-Esque Daily Mixes

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YouTube Music has started to release daily mixes just like one of its main rivals Spotify. As reported by Android Police, YouTube Music has added this feature alongside some borrowed additions from the outgoing Google Play Music.

YouTube Music probably felt it had to improve its offering after Google Play customers were all but forced to transition across. The process of doing so was not entirely smooth as well with significant delays.

As a result, YouTube Music has worked hard to add new features to its platform such as beginning to improve its playlists offering. The platform has also rolled out lyrics integration for its web client.


Now it looks like YouTube Music has borrowed a popular feature from Spotify. The platform has begun testing the My Mix section which offers YouTube Music users seven personal daily mixes.YouTube Music My Mix 5 668x225 1YouTube Music My Mix 1 668x225 1

YouTube Music borrow Spotify daily mixes feature

To be fair to YouTube Music it has supported personalized playlists for some time now. It worked on their functionality over recent weeks as well.

However, the main problem users found is that the platform’s mixes jumbled up songs into a random order. There were no divisions based on genre or mood.


This means you would go from one minute listening to mellow jazz to then suddenly listening to some heavy metal. An extreme case granted, but most users did find the shifts in the genre of these mixes quite annoying.

However, now these My Mix playlists your music be categorized into seven different mixes. In theory, allowing you to get a much more coherent listening experience.

Daily mixes yet to be generally available

It is worth noting, that these mixes have only appeared to YouTube Music’s web client for a few individuals. Some have also got it on the mobile app version as well.


However, thus far the rollout of this new feature is certainly not widespread or in any way uniform. This means that Google may be in the process of a rather a slow and haphazard rollout.

The other option, and the perhaps more likely one, is the Google is testing these changes for a limited group of users.

This new update also does not get rid of the existing YouTube Music playlist including ones created by the platform. They will continue to exist and periodically update alongside the My Mix playlists.


YouTube Music has also made a few other tweaks to the platform. From now on the UI will not take up the entire screen when users select a song.

There also appears to be a new interface for recent searches as well as a new feature called Quick Picks. It appears to starts radio based on the song you selected.

Overall, though none of these new features look like they will see wider availability for a while. YouTube Music looks like it needs time to roll these out to the wider public.