Xiaomi Phones Can Now Monitor Your Heart Rate Using Their Cameras

xiaomi mi health app heart rate

As per a post by XDA, Xiaomi is rolling out a new update that adds heart rate monitoring featuring using the camera to its Mi Health app.

The Chinese OEM Xiaomi, introduced the Mi Health app in July last year. And during its initial days, it was lacking some of the important features which a health app should have.

However, with multiple updates, especially with MIUI 12 update, the Mi Health app got better. Notably, it got features like step counter, new sleep tracking features, and a sedentary reminder, etc.


And with this new update, the Xiaomi Mi Health app is getting heart rate monitoring feature. This new feature will make use of the smartphone’s camera to measure and monitor your heart rate.

The new update is arriving with version number v2.7.4. Besides, it does not require any additional hardware or sensors now, to measure the heart rate on your Xiaomi devices.

The update introduces a new Heart rate section in the Mi Health app

Using this new feature is rather simple. Noticeably, this new update also adds a new Heart rate section to the Xiaomi Mi Health app.


You have to head over to this new section on the app and then tap on the button located in the right corner. Then it will ask you to place your finger on the rear camera and cover the flash with it.

If everything is properly done, then it will start measuring your heart rate. However, note that you should not remove your finger from the camera until the measuring bar reaches 100%.

Once the heart rate measuring is completed, it will ask you to select your current state in a pop-up window. There will be three options to choose from, i.e. General status, Resting-state, and After exercise.


Based on any of the selected status, you can press the View report button. And a new pop up will show you your current heart rate.

The pop up will also show other details, including whether your heart rate is normal or slow, depending on the option of your current status you choose.

You can also see your Dashboard, which includes all the data of your heart rate collected over a period of time. This way, you can easily keep a track of the variations.


The new update is rolling out via OTA

If you want to experience this new feature on your Xiaomi Mi Health app, then you probably have to wait for the official OTA to arrive.

Make note that this feature is available on the app version 2.7.4. Sadly, it is not available on the Google Play Store. However, it is expected to be available to all users in a few days.