The Xbox Series X 1TB Game Drive Is Tiny, And Expensive

Xbox Series X Game Drive

Microsoft finally revealed the price for the expandable storage for the Xbox Series X, called the Seagate Game Drive. It’s a tiny drive that will take up no extra space.

Not to mention it won’t even be in view since it plugs into the back of the console. The one piece of information about the accessory that has been unclear since it was first revealed was cost. Not anymore. It won’t exactly be cheap to acquire if you plan to get one right away.

That being said, it does add 1TB of additional storage onto your console. So if you did buy it, you’d have plenty of extra storage right off the bat. If you’re willing to fork out the cost.


The Xbox Series X 1TB Game Drive costs $220

$220 is nearly half the price of the console. And it’s more than half the price of the Xbox Series S.

So getting a hold of one isn’t likely to be the priority of every consumer who picks up one of the next-gen Xboxes. Less so for those who are or will be Series S buyers. As of right now Seagate is the only company that’s going to be manufacturing these drives.

No surprise there. Seagate has been making game drives for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 since both launched back in 2014. There will eventually be more expandable storage drives available though. Coming from different manufacturers and at different sizes. Which also means different costs.


Another thing to consider is how long it will take you to start filling up the internal storage of your console. There isn’t going to be enough games to fill it up right away unless you plan to install loads of games from previous generations.

Best Buy already has the Game Drive up for pre-order

If you want to be well-equipped for storage from day one, you can already get your hands on the Game Drive.

Best Buy has them up for pre-order right now at $219.99. They’ll also be releasing November 10, the same day as the console, so anyone that pre-orders should end up getting it at the same time.


You should end up seeing that other retailers soon as well. Though at the moment it looks like Best Buy is the only one who has them listed. If you want more usable storage for your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, then you’ll need one of these drives.

Buy The Seagate 1TB Game Drive For Xbox Series X