Xbox Game Pass Now Has EA Play Baked In

EA Play Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is really packing in the benefits for Xbox users, and today has announced that Xbox Game Pass will have EA Play baked right into the service.

Earlier this morning Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X launch price, as well as its official launch date. Which is coming on November 10 for $499. Yesterday it revealed the Xbox Series S, which launches on the same day for $299.

Both new consoles will have access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The service costs $15 a month, but will include access to tons of games that can be downloaded and played on both PC and consoles. Plus it comes with the proper xCloud beta starting on September 15.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with EA Play at no extra cost

The best part about this for Xbox users, is that EA Play won’t cost extra with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

That means you can pay the $15 a month just like you always have. In doing so, you’ll get to play all the games that Game Pass lets you download, plus you can stream the nearly 100 titles or more through xCloud. On top of all that you’ll get to play a metric ton of different games from EA.

These titles include popular hits like Need For Speed Heat, Madden NFL 20, FIFA 20, Battlefield and more. Altogether there will be more than 60 EA games as part of Xbox Games Pass Ultimate. And as EA adds more to EA Play, cycling in and out game titles, those will join Game Pass Ultimate too.


EA Play will be cross-gen

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may be coming out in a short couple of months, but EA Play won’t leave behind the older generation.

Xbox One owners will still get access to EA Play as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So whether you’re already a subscriber of the service or you’re planning to be one, this is something you can look forward to once it’s added in.

All of this adds up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate being one of the best deals in gaming right now. Consumers will get huge value out of it. No matter if they choose to play via Xbox consoles or PCs.


Even if you’re not a big EA fan, getting access to EA games for no additional cost is a value that should be hard to ignore. Microsoft says EA Play will be added this holiday. The company doesn’t give any specific dates, but it’s not unlikely that it will join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on November 10 when the new consoles launch.