Unexpected Company Promises To Deliver World's First Bezel-Less Smartwatch

Rollme Hero featured

The world’s first bezel-less smartwatch is coming from a rather unknown company, it seems. According to a report by GizmoChina, a company called ‘Rollme’ will announce that smartwatch.

The watch’s name will be the Rollme Hero. That smartwatch is coming soon, and the source shared a couple of images of the watch. It will offer “a complete bezel-less dialer experience”, it seems.

The provided images show the world’s first bezel-less smartwatch

As you can see in the provided images, this watch does not have black bars around the display, at all. Its casing will also be placed in a 90-degree angle from the display, so that the bezel-less experience is even more pronounced.


The casing of this watch will almost certainly be made out of metal, while you will notice a single physical button on the right side. That button is placed at 2 o'clock, just to avoid being pressed by the hand by accident. That’s a nice touch.

The watch does look quite sleek, that’s hard to deny, at least in the provided renders. You will be able to use standard watch bands with this watch, we’re just not sure what size just yet.

The watch band attached to it by default seems to be made out of leather and silicone. The top portion is made out of leather, while the part that touches your hand will be silicone.


We’ve seen this approach by quite a few companies thus far. They do this so that the leather doesn’t get damaged by the sweat, if you plan to exercise with it, or you simply sweat a lot.

The watch will offer 4G LTE connectivity

The source claims that the watch will offer water and dust resistance rating, along with 4G LTE support. That means you’ll be able to place a SIM card inside this watch.

The Rollme Hero will probably be fueled by a MediaTek SoC, and WearOS probably won’t be a part of the package. It’s more likely we’ll see Rollme’s software on the watch, or an offering from some other company.


Pretty much every smartwatch that we’ve seen thus far has either had black bars, or the watch body was quite visible around the display. Well, this watch seems to plan to fix that.

We just hope that this is not one of those fake render situations. We’ve seen quite a few companies poetry their products differently in renders, and we do hope that the same won’t happen with Rollme.

We’re still not sure when will this smartwatch arrive, but it’s expected to launch soon. We don’t know how much will the watch cost just yet, but it should not be too expensive.