WhatsApp Web Potentially Getting Fingerprint Security Feature

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WhatsApp looks like it will try to make the web experience more secure by introducing fingerprint security. As reported by Android Authority the encrypted messaging service aims to keep augmenting the security of the platform.

This is not the only new feature that WhatsApp has worked on over recent weeks. Alongside fingerprint security for the WhatsApp web, the service has looked to implant chat syncing across multiple devices.

In July, the company also began work to add a mute always feature. This came with the ability to have expiring messages as a feature as well.


These innovations show that WhatsApp continues to work on ways to improve the service. The company has always extolled its security features so this new addition should help those that see this as important.

Fingerprint security may be coming to WhatsApp Web

The idea behind this new feature is to make switching onto WhatsApp web a more secure experience. As the attached screenshot suggests, when assessing WhatsApp Web users will have to authenticate with the app to show it is them.

This comes in the form of fingerprint identification. When authenticated you will be allowed to initiate a web session with WhatsApp on your desktop.


As things currently stand you have to use a QR code to establish the same sort of authentication. This means that if someone has access to your phone then they can access you WhatsApp on a desktop with ease.

However, now there will be an extra step of needing the users’ fingerprint to initiate a WhatsApp web session. Essentially, just adding another layer of security to the service.

Hopefully, this should make it even more difficult to stop cyber-criminals and other bad actors from accessing your chats.


When and how this feature will fully roll out remains a mystery. A lack of clarity with fairly minor changes like this is not abnormal though.

We will have to wait and see if and when this fully comes to our devices.

Overall, this seems like another good addition to the service. It demonstrates that WhatsApp still has security concerns that the forefront of its mind.


Hopefully, this feature will come to our devices fairly soon. Also, we hope that it works well and rolls out to everyone with no issues or hiccups. This all remains to be seen so will just have to wait and see how this all players out.

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