You Can Add Even More Tiles To Your Wear OS Watch Now

WearOS AH NS 05

A new update has been sent out to Wear OS recently and it lets you add even more tiles to your watch.

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough, Google swoops in with a nice little update that adds in some new features, and one of those is Wear OS allowing more tiles than it used to.

The point of the tiles of course is to make the most useful features on the platform more accessible. Things like the weather, your heart rate, and more, are just a swipe away. The only problem really is that you’ve only been able to add a handful of them.


No longer. Wear OS version 2.40 (as reported by 9To5Google), brings in this capability.

You can now add more than five tiles to you Wear OS watch

Five tiles was the limit for most Wear OS users. And it may still be for those who haven’t gotten the 2.40 update yet.

The latest report suggests that the 2.40 update is on its way out to watches though. And it comes with support for about double the amount of tiles.


According to XDA, the tile limit is now around 10 tiles in total. So if you’ve been struggling to decide which ones to add because you’ve been limited, it might be a lot easier soon to get all the ones on your watch that you’ve wanted.

Worth keeping in mind is that this an update to the Wear OS app and not necessarily to your watch. Though eventually that update should push things to the watch.

The update is rolling out now, but you may not get it right away

Google is said to have started pushing this update to the Play Store. So if you’re waiting on it, check your smartphone because it may already be available.


Or if you’ve got auto updates et up then you may have the update already and not know it. Either way, it’s coming.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will get it right away though. Sometimes these updates take days to reach all users. And there’s no reason to suggest that this won’t be the case with the 2.40 update to the Wear OS app.

Sooner rather than later though, you’ll be able to swipe left on your watch for what feels like eternity to reach more tiles. And more tiles. And even more tiles. Because you can probably never have enough.


At least not if you find them useful to have on your wrist.