Waze App Gets Lane Guidance, Trip Suggestions, & Traffic Notifications

Waze AH NS 03

Navigation app, Waze is now getting a new update that adds lane guidance, trip suggestion, and traffic notification features to the app.

Although the current pandemic situation has kept people to their homes, a short trip once in a while is still possible. And for that, most users rely on navigation apps.

However, there is always room for improvements to more traditional apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. Besides, at a Waze event on Tuesday, the Google-owned navigation app Waze is being equipped with some new features.


Notably, the lane guidance feature is ported over from its parent Google Maps. This feature was in the works and was under testing since April.

And now, the feature is finally available to all the Waze users. Some users on Android have already started receiving this new Waze lane guidance feature.

For the unaware, the Waze lane guidance feature will give information to the drivers about what lane they need to be in to exit or merge onto a different freeway.


Waze is also adding a Trip Suggestion feature based on previous trips

Apart from the lane guidance feature, Waze also announced some other cool features. Notably, Trip Suggestions is a feature that will suggest you personalized information based on your previous trips.

Basically, when you open the Waze app, the Trip Suggestion feature will suggest your place you might want to visit again. It will show you the estimated time for how long the trip will take, and more.

Keep in mind that this Waze feature will arrive somewhere the next month. Well, another feature called traffic notifications will also launch next month on the Waze app.


The Waze traffic notifications feature may be pretty crucial for frequent drivers. As it will show you the status of traffic in favorite or frequent destinations.

So for instance, if you travel to a particular grocery shop daily, then you will get notifications that it might take a bit longer to reach there than usual. This may give you a reason to skip the chores (Sarcasm!).

Waze will also improve the ETA calculations in light of COVID-19

Due to coronavirus, there are fewer cars on the road than usual. This will definitely change the ETA to reach a certain place. And on this note, Waze will also be improving on its ETA calculations.


It will take into account the reduction in traffic to calculate the ETA calculation for some areas. Carpool services in the Waze app are also getting a revamp.

Now the users will be able to know information regarding real-time rides and instant booking via the app itself. Previously, they had to manually accept a ride request.

The Waze lane guidance feature will be rolling out for the users starting today. However, traffic notifications and trip suggestions features won’t be live until the next month.


Besides, the Amazon Music partnership will also be coming to the Waze app in the coming months or so. So, stay tuned for the new updates.