If You're Impacted By Oregon Wildfires, Verizon Has Your Back


Verizon is now offering unlimited calling, texting, and even data to customers impacted by ongoing wildfires in Oregon. That's according to a fresh announcement from the company. The carrier indicates that no fewer than 39 zip codes in the region are eligible for the offer. The full list has been included below.

The announcement was joined by a statement from Verizon Consumer Group Vice President Eric Reed, highlighting the company's decision. Mr. Reed notes that 2020 has been a particularly bad year for consumers. And that includes but isn't limited to the ongoing problem with wildfires in the Western US.

The company hopes to alleviate at least some of the hardships potentially to be faced by its consumers. In effect, giving customers less to worry about so that they can focus on what's important. Staying safe and connected to loved ones.


What do you have to do to be eligible and how long will this run?

Now, users with phone numbers registered in the affected zip codes won't actually need to do anything. Instead, the data, calls, and texts should simply be included as part of their package for the duration of the offer. And the offer is set to be in place from today through September 16. Verizon may or may not limit or extend the offer pending resolution of the wildfires.

Verizon is also requesting that users utilize online and app-based customer service. The wildfires, the company says, will likely disrupt normal store hours, varying from region to region. Those who absolutely must visit a store should check online first. The company points out that its store locator can be used to find a store that's open and schedule an appointment.

Here's what Verizon is doing to stay up and running through the wildfires

If trends from previous crisis hold, other carriers should make similar announcements sooner than later.


In the interim, the carrier says that its crisis team — the Verizon Response Team — is standing by to provide on-demand immediate emergency assistance to first responders. And that it has mobilized charging stations, WiFi hotspots, specialized equipment, emergency vehicles, devices, and more in support of responders' efforts.

Verizon indicates its offer covers customers with numbers registered to the following zip codes;

  • 97022, 97023, 97038, 97042, 97471, 97443, 97447, 97501, 97504, 97502, 97503, 97535, 97540, 97488, 97489, 97454, 97413, 97478, 97477, 97482, 97488, 97489, 97364, 97368, 97336, 97358, 97360, 97386, 97325, 97342, 97346, 97350, 97384, 97071, 97362, 97375, 97381, 97385, 971199