Using Legos Is The New Best Way To Play Super Mario Bros.

Lego Super Mario

Why play Super Mario Bros. the traditional way (with a controller like some casual) when you could play it with Legos instead?

A user on Twitter who goes by the name @r1ckp (his real name is Rick), has done just that. Using his knowledgeable skills in coding and hardware hacking, he's taken the Lego Super Mario set and turned Lego Mario into the controller for an emulated version of Super Mario Bros.

With a few key strokes, @r1ckp has effortlessly ascended into the upper echelon of gamers. Leaving behind the mere mortals that still use traditional gaming peripherals to enjoy their favorite games.


The good news is that @r1ckp plans to share the code that allowed him to complete this fun little project. So others who want to attempt the same can join in on the fun.

Setting up Legos to play Super Mario Bros. took about four hours

Using Legos to play Super Mario Bros. may not be as easy as it looks. Even if it didn't take @r1ckp very long to get everything functional.

According to his responses on Twitter, it took about 4 hours to get everything set up and working as intended. The game is being run through an NES emulator on a MacBook laptop.


Though the emulator is also running in a Linux virtual machine because NES emulators on a Mac apparently won't recognize simulated keys. Which this setup uses.

Judging by the videos, controlling Mario may not be as easy or smooth as using a regular gamepad. But then again this looks like it might be a lot more fun because it's more interactive.

Using a real-life Mario figurine to control a digital version of Mario in one of his games? That's next level. And certainly more interesting than pushing buttons and d-pads.


Movement and actions are controlled by gestures

Though it might be hard at first, after some play time and getting used to things using the Lego Mario to control the game would probably get easier.

Movement and actions are essentially controller by gestures. Leaning the Mario figurine forward moves Mario forward. Standing it straight up stops the movement. And leaning the figurine backward moves Mario back the other direction.

The figurine can also be used to make Mario shoot fireballs and get him to him to jump down pipes. More or less you can use it to do everything you could do with a controller.