5G Version Of Ulefone Armor 8 Handset Coming In Late November

Ulefone Armor 8 5G featured

Ulefone has announced that the 5G version of the Armor 8 will launch in late November. The company claims this will become the world’s first 5G rugged smartphone, but we’ll see.

Back in August, Ulefone mentioned this device for the very first time. At that time, the company showed the phone running at 5G speeds via the Speedtest app. We thought that this handset will arrive sooner, but we’ll have to wait until the end of November.

While we wait, the company has released a new promo video for the device. In the video, that is embedded below this article, the Armor 8 5G is compared to the iPhone 11.


This video shows the benefits of the Ulefone Armor 8 5G network connection

This is not a phone vs phone comparison, though, it compares network speeds of the two devices. The video itself has a duration of around three and a half minutes.

You’ll see the Speedtest app running on both phones, and speeds provided by it. The Ulefone Armor 8 5G absolutely crushes the iPhone 11 in this regard, which is to be expected, as the iPhone 11 is a 4G handset.

In the rest of the video, the company shows off how fast the Ulefone Armor 8 5G can load video content online thanks to 5G speeds. The iPhone 11 had to buffer for longer every time.


The company also showed off some video downloading prowess of its upcoming smartphone. This is yet another way to highlight the sheer speed of the Ulefone Armor 8 5G’s network connection.

Ulefone also decided to test online game FPS performance. Once again, the Armor 8 5G can provide much higher network speeds, and thus can provide more frames per second.

App downloads were also demoed in this video, and the video actually got concluded with that test. This video is meant to highlight the phone’s 5G connectivity more than the device itself.


The MediaTek Dimensity 800 will fuel this smartphone

This smartphone will be fueled by the MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor, which is 5G capable. It will also include 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

A 6.1-inch display with a waterdrop notch will also be a part of the package, as will a triple camera setup on the back. Ulefone will also include a large battery on the inside, a 5,080mAh unit.

Android 10 will come pre-installed, while the device will be water and dust resistant. It will also be resistant to drops, of course. The phone will look the same as the regular Ulefone Armor 8, though, as expected.