This Ubisoft Sports MMO Will Be Available For Stadia Next Year

Riders Repbulic Sports MMO Stadia

Ubisoft announced a few new games today, all of which are coming to Stadia, and one of those is called Riders Republic which is basically an MMO game targeted at extreme sports enthusiasts.

Riders Republic will feature a vast open world that players can explore. It’s set in the US and will take a focus on zones that are inspired by national parks and the largely open spaces that surround them.

While not a traditional MMO that includes servers which support hundreds of players, multiplayer content does allow for a pretty large number of people at one time.


Sports MMO ‘Riders Republic’ lands on Stadia in February 2021

If you’re looking for a sports MMO experience on Stadia, you unfortunately won’t find one right now. You do however have your pick of a few other MMO-type games, such as The Elder Scrolls online which is a traditional MMO, Destiny 2, and The Division 2.

As for Riders Republic, the game will launch on Stadia and other platforms in February of 2021. Specifically on February 25. That’s a bit of a wait, but if the gameplay is as exciting as the trailer makes it out to be, then the wait will probably be worth it for players.

In addition to Stadia, Riders Republic will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC via Epic Games and Uplay+. Right now it doesn’t look like there’s any mention of a Steam release. So if you plan to play on PC, it’ll have to be through one of the two previously mentioned options.


Game servers will support up to 50 players at once

Like a mini battle royale in terms of player numbers, Riders Republic will support up to 50 players per server.

You’ll be able to race one another across these huge expanses on everything from mountain bikes to wing suits. A large portion of the gameplay seems to be centered on races. But there will be other content as well.

For example, players will be able to engage in various contests with other players, like trick battles on any number of snowboard courses. As this is an MMO-type game, there should also be a ton of different quests that players can undertake. With tasks that fit the narrative and gameplay of the extreme sports theme.


Expect plenty of player customization. And perhaps other features you’d see in an MMO. Such as in-game chat and activities that require larger groups of players to tackle.