Two More Galaxy M Smartphones Coming In Q4 2020

Galaxy M51 Widened ahdb20

Samsung isn’t done with the Galaxy M series for this year, a newly emerged report indicates. And yes, that’s in spite of the Galaxy M41’s cancellation, which is pretty much confirmed by now. Now, seeing how Samsung already launched the Galaxy M51, you’d think that’s that for its 2020 entry-level portfolio. And you’d be wrong, apparently. As Samsung is now reported to be working on two other Galaxy M smartphones. Both of which are likely to hit the market in fourth quarter of the year.

The devices in question ostensibly carry model numbers SM-M425F and SM-M127F. Which indicate Samsung could market the duo as the Galaxy M42 and Galaxy M12, respectively. Alternatively, the latter might also launch as the Galaxy M12s. That assumption is primarily based on the Galaxy M10s (SM-M107F), which debuted exactly one year ago. And back in May, Samsung followed up on it with the Galaxy M11, so truth be told, we can’t exactly place too much stock in the consistency of Samsung’s smartphone naming practices.

With that said, the company is reportedly already developing firmware for both the SM-M425F and SM-M-127F. And the timing of this report is definitely indicative of a late 2020 release. Additionally, that Galaxy M42 is said to be packing a 64-megapixel main camera, so it may not be as barebones as you’d expect. 128GB of expandable flash storage should also be part of the package, together with dual-SIM capabilities.


Samsung’s back to its old, smartphone-release-a-week self

Given the growing anti-China sentiment in India, Samsung launching a few more aggressively priced Galaxy handsets certainly wouldn’t be the strangest thing it did this year. Because India is still the world’s second-largest smartphone market. Where Samsung has been losing ground to Chinese manufacturers in recent years. So, while it certainly wasn’t expecting this turn of events, it’s not surprising it wants to capitalize on it.

And capitalizing on an opportunity in such an ultra-competitive market usually means micro-targeting as many unique demographics as possible. Cue the massive influx of Galaxy M- and Galaxy A-series devices we’ve been witnessing in recent times.

This chaotic state of Samsung’s low-end Android portfolio was also impacted by the overall economic instability 2020 brought upon us. As a reminder, the newly debuted Galaxy M51 was supposed to launch over three months before it actually did. Around the time the Galaxy M41 was planned for release. Ultimately, Samsung likely decided which model to spare based on how long it’s been since it last refreshed a particular subseries. As it released the Galaxy M40 only a year ago, but there had been no Galaxy M50 in 2019.