This Is The New Google TV-Powered Chromecast In All Its Glory

Google Android TV Sabrina Watermarked 1

The new Chromecast with Google TV was leaked this morning, and with that leak was a slew of images that shows off the packaging, the device, and everything else that comes with it.

Prior to Google's upcoming event, where the Chromecast with Google TV is expected to make its official debut, this seems to be as close as anyone is going to get to seeing it.

The Chromecast with Google TV was initially discovered earlier this year. Leaked promotional images showed off the device in at least three colors. One of which is the Snow (white) color that popped up in today's leaks.


That being said the design of the device was already known. These are however the first real life images of it (spotted by 9To5Google) that have surfaced.

The Chromecast with Google TV still looks pretty small

This was probably expected but the device still looks pretty small.

The oval shape sounded like it could be a significantly bigger than the Chromecast Ultra, but that doesn't appear to be the case. It does look bigger, but not by much.


It's nearly the same size as the remote that comes with it in the box. And of course it still has the same HDMI plug with a flat band that the current Chromecast has. This is also magnetic so it can be attached to the back of the actual dongle.

Google is suspected to charge about $50 for this device. Which puts it a little below what the Chromecast Ultra costs. And if the price is accurate it'll be a decent value. Though it probably doesn't support 4K.

The remote has dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, and Google Assistant

Google is making it pretty easy to get to a few different useful features. Notably, YouTube, Netflix, and Google Assistant.


The remote that comes with the Chromecast in the box has a dedicated button for each of those. Allowing you to either launch one of the video streaming service with a single press, or interact with Google Assistant on the fly.

There are also buttons for home, back, volume adjustment, muting, input method, and power. In the box you also get the power adapter for the dongle, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and 2 AAA batteries for the remote.

So instead of being something you can recharge, it acts more like a normal TV remote would. You simply swap out the batteries once new ones are needed. Meaning you have one less thing to charge.