The Google Pixel 5 Seems Pretty Close To Launch

Google Pixel 4a 5G Pixel 5 5G side view leak

Google’s Pixel 5 seems like it’s pretty close to launch. Because a new report (via Droid Life) shows that the phone has just passed through the FCC.

That means Google is likely nearing the end of its certification processes just before the phone is set to release. What that doesn’t mean is that the launch of the Pixel 5 is happening this week. Just that the launch is probably going to be sooner than some expect.

Google still has to officially unveil the phone first. But the most recent rumors speculate that Google will release the Pixel 5 on September 30. This would be a little bit earlier than phone releases in the Pixel line from the last few years. Which have typically happened in October.


The Pixel 5 launch should happen alongside the Pixel 4a 5G

Now that the Pixel 4a is out, Google only has a couple of things left to reveal this year for its phone products.

The Pixel 5, and the Pixel 4a 5G. Both phones could very well launch alongside each other at the upcoming event Google will no doubt hold to unveil each device.

Since the phones are suspected to launch on September 30, then Google’s event may be earlier than that. Perhaps a week before with availability for pre-ordering at the same time.


All of this of course is speculative as FCC listings don’t really confirm anything other than that the certification is complete or being worked on.

What to expect out of each device

For the Pixel 4a 5G, there isn’t likely to be a whole lot that’s different because the Pixel 4a just released.

The only difference in fact, is probably going to be the addition of the 5G network capabilities. Allowing the phone to connect up to faster mobile networks speeds. That being said, it will make the Pixel 4a 5G a perfect device for playing games on Stadia.


Especially now that Stadia now supports mobile network connections and not just Wi-Fi. Likewise, the Pixel 5 is probably going to be coming in both LTE and 5G variants, based on the listings from the FCC.

The Pixel 5 is also supposed to be Google’s first phone with Wireless Power Transfer. Which will make keeping multiple devices topped up pretty easy. Need a little juice for your earbuds and have a lot to spare from your Pixel 5? Use Wireless Power Transfer.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for Google to shed some more light on both of these phones.