The Fire TV Stick Lite Is Light On Design Changes

Fire TV Stick Basic Edition 3

A new set of leaked images for Amazon's upcoming Fire TV Stick Lite showcases that it's light on design changes.

More or less, it looks exactly the same as the most recent version of the standard Fire TV Stick. Right now, the standard model isn't something you can buy directly from Amazon. So the speculation is that this Lite version is going to be Amazon's new model that takes over that price point.

Above that in cost, will be the Fire TV Stick 4K. Which is currently the only one that you can buy on Amazon officially.


The Fire TV Stick Lite design changes are mostly on the remote

It's the remote for the setup that really sees the most changes here. And even then those are pretty minimal.

There appears to be a new button that Amazon has included here which lets you control something on the TV. The button itself even has a TV logo printed on it. So it's clear that this is likely to be a quick access button for launching stuff.

What isn't clear is what the button will do exactly. Perhaps it can be configured to quick launch any number of TV streaming apps designated by the user. Or perhaps Amazon has different plan for it entirely.


Aside from the new TV button, both the remote and the stick itself have the more barebones Amazon logo. The remote also now loses the button for powering the remote on and off. So presumably it'll just work at all times as long as you press buttons and it has power.

Amazon has also seemingly updated the power supply and the adapter with this new stick.

Coming soon?

Amazon has already announced that it's got an event coming up.


In fact it takes place on September 24, which is Thursday. That means we could be seeing this Fire TV Stick Lite at the event. It's also not impossible that Amazon could announce the release date and availability information for the device.

There are bound to be more devices announced aside from the Fire TV Stick Lite too. If the new stickĀ isĀ announced. Because Amazon probably wouldn't hold an entire Fall event for just a single new TV stick.

It would put out a press release for that. This suggests that Amazon has quite a few things to show off in a couple of days. What all the products may be is unclear, however.