The Best Way To Trade In Your Old Mobile Phone For Cash

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We’re all responsible for it. We buy the shiny new smartphone and throw the old handset, either in a recycling box, closet, or trash can. Although holding the old gadget obviously won’t hurt anybody, but it doesn’t help anyone either. However, it doesn’t mean to chuck it in the garbage.

You may well have heard conversations about the Planet, most of which relate to the concept of Eliminate, Reuse, and Recycle. Selling old mobile phones will help minimise e-waste in landfill sites and even allow devices to be reusable. If the gadget cannot be sold or reused, there is always the third possibility to recycle it.

How much cash can I get?

You may be looking at a new smartphone, such as the iPhone SE or OnePlus 8, and want to regain some of the costs. Or maybe you’ve got older handsets hanging around that you don’t use and haven’t re-used. Or you could make it easy to switch by selling broken phones and buying a new iPhone.


Although you’re certainly not going to get maximum cashback for your beloved old smartphone, those who’ve held their handset in a nice nick will make a respectable return and save massively on their next purchase. You can’t regulate the pace of depreciation, but trading a smartphone in good shape might mean a $100 difference. The trick is to worry about this right now, not when you’re able to move on. Here’s exactly what you need to look for.

Should you get a screen protector?

Screen protectors are sacrificial displays that you put at the top of your original phone monitor. But get a glass variant, not a plastic. There are many scads in carrier shops and websites. A decent one will cost you, but if it lets you get hundreds of dollars extra for your handset when it is time to trade, a $30 screen protector will help you better sell your mobile phone.

Picking the right moment

There are only two things that can influence how much money you get for your handset. That is how long ago the phone was launched, and the actual state in which it is. The cheaper the handset, the higher the cost you’ll get, which means brand new flagships will net you the greatest amount. You can only expect small cash for phones that are old.


The other element that needs consideration is health. Many businesses have three factors brand, old and destroyed. You’re unlikely to sell a new phone (still in the box) but if you’re able to sell your mobile, get rid of it before it’s going to take a huge break or get too rusty.

Keep it squeaky clean

Whether you sell your phone to a stranger, to a third-party reseller, or back to the carrier or maker, this his one is significant. You’re going to get more for a gadget that looks and works like new than you are going to get for a crusty smartphone. Because you won’t get paid until the customer inspects the unit, if the product used doesn’t meet expectations, you may not be able to end up with the asking price. It is well worth the time to disinfect your handset the right way before sending it back.

Can I sell a broken phone?

Most buyers would not mind a broken phone. The reason is they would put it to recycling by extracting all the important parts from the phones that are still in good condition. Of course, the amount you get for broken phones will not be higher, but getting something is better than nothing. If there are scratches, big dents, dodgy buttons, or cracked screens, they might all get counted as broken. The selection criteria will differ with each buyer, and some might be more adjusting than others.


How do I sell my phone?

Selling phones could not have got easier. All you need to do is visit different websites and get quotes that you can compare later. Once you are satisfied with a particular offer, you can send it off with the postage pack they send. The buyer will then verify the details from your package and make the payment once everything looks fine.