This Discounted TCL Series 6 65-inch Roku TV Is Ready For The PS5 & Xbox Series X

91CXxVtVkAL AC SL1500

Amazon has a great deal on the TCL Series 6 65-inch 4K Roku TV right now. Where you can pick it up for only $840. And this TV is ready for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. So you are going to be able to play at full 4K resolution when these two consoles drop on day one.

The Series 6 is the highest-end TVs that TCL makes, without paying a few grand. These are QLED, unlike the rest of their TVs which are just LED. With QLED, you’re going to get a much better looking picture, as well as deeper blacks. Not quite on the levels of OLED, but pretty close.

The one main difference between QLED and OLED, is the fact that QLED doesn’t suffer from burn-in. So if you watch a lot of CNN, that’s going to be a really important feature. As that lower-third is always on the screen on a channel like CNN.


HDR is also very impressive on this TV. There’s support for all of the HDR standards that you’d expect from a 2019 TV. That includes HDR10, HLG and even Dolby Vision. With Dolby Vision being included, that means that you’re going to get a really great picture, especially on a show or movie that was shot in Dolby Vision. The colors are going to be more rich, all around.

Of course, this TV is still running Roku inside. So that means that you won’t need to worry about connecting a set-top box to the TV. As you have all of the apps that you could ever want, on this TV. That includes Google Play Movies & TV, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, WWE Network, CBS All Access and so much more.

You can pick up the TCL Series 6 65-inch 4K Roku TV from Amazon today by clicking here. 

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TCL Series 6 65-inch TV - Amazon - $840