TCL MOVETIME Family Watch Breaks Cover To Protect & Assist Seniors

TCL MoveTime Family Watch 2048x1444 1

TCL is looking to break into wearables with its sights set on seniors via the new MOVETIME Family Watch. The full details of the new smartwatch have not been made available just yet. But the company may be well-positioned to make headway in the space. That follows on its earlier launch of two self-branded smartphones and two brand new TCL tablets.

The new watch will be sold with model designation MOVETIME Family Watch MT43A.

The TCL MOVETIME Family Watch

Laid by Pocketnow, the TCL MOVETIME Family Watch is built on a rectangular 41 x 48.5mm AMOLED touch-enabled platform. That's sold in a single color, Dark Gray or Black. Optimizations to that display include oversized icons, watch faces, and other UI. The frame itself is IP67-rated. So it should withstand water and dust easily.


On the software front, it's also designed to meet or exceed both CCPA and GDPR regulations for user privacy.

But the real benefits for the MOVETIME Family Watch are found in the user-facing software linked to the internal hardware. Not only did the company reveal that the watch can track the usual metrics such as heart rate monitoring. It takes that a step further to alert users if their heart rate goes outside normal parameters.

Additionally, the MOVETIME Family Watch will remind its wearer about medications, monitor sleep duration and efficiency, and detect falls. If the wearer does happen to fall, the watch will send an alert within 60-seconds to pre-assigned contacts. That alert will include indication of the wearer's location so that they can be found. And the wearer can dismiss the alert as needed.

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All of that stacks atop calorie tracking and activity tracking as well as 4G connectivity for hands-free calls via the wearable.

How much does this watch cost?

As might be expected, given TCL's great smartphone offerings — launched for the first time earlier this year — TCL MOVETIME Family Watch won't be expensive. In fact, when it goes on sale this fall, the company says it will be available starting at €229 in Europe. It will also be made available in North America, likely for around $229, given standard pricing practices.