TCL Wants To Plant A New Earworm With Its New MOVEAUDIO S200


TCL is having a field day at IFA 2020, launching everything from tablets to smartwatches. Now, the company has also reportedly unveiled a new pair of true wireless earbuds, dubbed the TCL MOVEAUDIO S200.

These ultra-portable earphones aren’t necessarily standard entry-market fare, though. Even if they are made of plastics. TCL has gone above and beyond to pack its MOVEAUDIO S200 earbuds with a wealth of features. Not only does the new wearable support Siri and Google assistant with a touch-based press. The device offers dual-channel Bluetooth 5.0 support for better latency and audio quality.

Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) stacks atop that as well, offering a different take on environmental noise reduction.


TCL MOVEAUDIO offers specs beyond the basic budget earbuds segment

In terms of what sets these headphones apart, TCL looked first to offer nest-level features and design without a top-tier price. That goes well beyond great color options and a small 17.68 x 17.61mm by 40mm size for the buds or the 47.8 x 58.8 x 26.5mm case. The company utilized 12mm moving coil drives with back and front acoustic venting too. And it utilizes two MEMS beamforming per earbud too.

Google fast pair 2.0 is part of the build as well. So getting started with the earbuds will be smoother and faster than is typical with many competing headphones.

Sensors in the earbuds allow wear detection so that the media playback stops when removed. And that should ensure users get the full 3.5 hours of claimed listening on a single charge. Or the respectable 23 hours of playback that can reportedly be had including the recharging carry case. The former packs a 30mAh battery that should keep the buds light when worn. The case packs a healthy 520mAh battery.

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For greater durability, TCL says its new MOVEAUDIO S200 is rated at IP54 for dust and water protection. So these earbuds should work just fine through a rain shower or workout.

Pricing and availability

Pricing, as hinted above, isn’t going to break too many wallets either. The new true wireless TCL headphones will be available worldwide for just €99 starting in October. They’ll be available in White or Black colorations. Or, for a bit more personality, the company will also be offering a stunning Teal Blue configuration for the wearables.