Tap, Tap Brings Triple Tap Gestures For Android Smartphones

tap tap three tap gesture

As per a report by XDA, the first beta of the Tap, Tap application brings in some key Android 11 accessibility global actions for Android phones. We are talking about triple tap gesture.

If you have been living under a rock, then back in February XDA highlighted a new feature found in the Pixel’s System UI app called the ‘Columbus.’

It is basically a gesture mechanism that makes use of the sensor data from the gyroscope and the accelerometer to detect taps on the back of the phone.


These taps can be utilized to perform certain actions, like take a screenshot, open a shortcut, launch Google Assistant, etc. However, the Android 11 beta builds saw the removal of this feature.

Well, the developers would not give away this feature that easily. So, XDA recognized developer Quinny899 reused this capability and developed an app, called Tap, Tap.

The Tap, Tap app brought a double-tap gesture mechanism on any Android phone. In fact, the users did not need to root their device in order to use the functions of the app. So, this made it more popular than ever.


You can now set any shortcut or task to the triple tap option. The option is available just below the Double Tap Actions button inside the app interface.

Tap, Tap goes under its first-ever beta and adds triple-tap gesture

First things first, the Tap, Tap application is longer and alpha app. For your convenience, it is no longer available as a stable app. It recently went under the beta phase.

The first beta build carried version number 0.8. And now a new hotfix update version 0.8.1 is not live. Moreover, the latter brings the triple tap gesture feature to the Tap, Tap app.


However, being in beta, the triple tap gesture might slow down the double-tap gesture a bit. So, that is a disadvantage of the beta build.

As far as other changes are concerned, the new beta brings four important Android 11 features for all Android devices. Firstly, it adds an App Drawer action for supported launchers.

It now supports legacy ARMv7 devices as well. There is an experimental Sensitivity option with a slider. It is placed under the gesture settings. You can use this feature to tune the sensitivity of the taps.


Lastly, there is a Gates module. This will help you trigger the Assistant routines that can now detect headsets, music playing, etc. The latest beta build is available to download from the Tap, Tap GitHub page.

This is a greater addition to the application, as the triple tap gesture gives the users more possibilities to set shortcuts and open them easily.