More PS5 Pre-Orders Are On The Way According To Sony

Sony PlayStation 5 2

Sony has plans to make more PS5 consoles available to the consumer for launch day, as it says more pre-orders will be in stock soon.

Last week, Sony opened up pre-orders for the PS5, it’s next-gen console. It was to say the least, a giant mess. Sony was supposed to start pre-order availability on the morning of September 17.

That was based on a tweet that it put out Wednesday afternoon (September 16) following its PlayStation 5 Showcase live stream. But retailers didn’t follow the schedule after Walmart opened up pre-orders almost immediately.


Many consumers complained that they weren’t able to get their hands on a pre-order. Mostly because they were unprepared. Thinking that pre-orders were starting much later.

Sony has promised more PS5 pre-orders this week

In its tweet from September 19, Sony acknowledged that the pre-order status was not exactly smooth.

Following its apology, Sony said that more consoles would be made available for pre-order “in the next few days.” It also said that retailers would share more details. Which probably means that each retailer will individually inform customers when to expect pre-orders to be available again.


So far in the US, pre-order availability for the PS5 has been out of stock from all of Sony’s major retailers. Including GameStop, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. Even Sony had its own limited initial stock.

Only allowing certain people to pre-order. Specifically those it sent out email invites to after registration opened up weeks ago.

Sony didn’t give out specific times. So pre-orders could pop up anytime between now and Friday. A few of the retailers also restocked at least once since initial pre-orders opened up last week.


More consoles will be available through the end of the year

In addition to replenishing a little bit of the pre-order stock this week sometime, Sony will have more consoles available throughout the year.

It’s reassured consumers that more stock of the console will be available upon release day and throughout 2020. So even if you aren’t able to get a console the day of launch, you may still be able to get one before the end of the year.

That being said, even some consumers who pre-ordered may miss out on launch day. Target, Amazon, and other retailers have notified some of their customers to alert them that the PS5 may show up after the launch of November 12.