Shazam For Android Now Supports Listening Songs In YouTube Music

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Shazam is the most popular app for discovering new songs. The user can identify (mostly) any song within a few seconds. Once identified, the song can be opened via popular music streaming services. With Google Play Music shutting down soon, Shazam has replaced the "Open in Google Play Music" option with "Open in YouTube Music."

Still, it prefers Apple Music in the first place for playing the newly discovered songs. However, the user can always go to the overflow menu by tapping on the three dots button to choose other popular services. Apart from Apple Music, Shazam also supports listening to the newly identified songs through Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube Music.

New Shazam update adds support for listening songs in YouTube Music

According to Android Police, the app shows the option to open with YouTube Music only when a new song is identified. When trying to play the songs from the library, Apple Music is the only option shown. However, we can expect Shazam to offer full-fledged integration of third-party music streaming services with future updates.


More importantly, the other services will only appear if their apps are already installed on the smartphone. YouTube Music will replace Play Music as Google's music streaming service. First off, the users in New Zealand and South Africa will lose access to Play Music by the end of this month. The other markets will follow in October.

Google Play Music will shut down completely later this year

Google will still keep the data until the end of this year, in case anyone needs to transfer their data from the older service to YouTube Music. The company already stopped accepting purchases from Play Music.

Interestingly, Shazam added the YouTube Music option even before it completely replaced Play Music. In 2018, Apple acquired Shazam in a $400 million deal. Unlike Dark Sky, the Shazam app is still available on the Google Play Store. With over 500 million installs, it is the most popular tool among Android users.


Considering Apple Music is available on Android, Shazam might help Apple acquire new users for its own music streaming service. With the newly released iOS 14, Apple deeply integrated Shazam by adding a toggle in the Control Center for instant music recognition.

Google also offers a similar feature called "Now Playing" on Pixel smartphones. It will identify the songs playing nearby and will display the information right on the home screen.