Sharing Play Store Apps With Friends Could Be A Lot Easier Soon


Sharing apps from the Play Store is currently done through the typical method of sharing a link to the listing.

But that seems to be changing in the near future. 9To5Google reports that the Play Store app is prepping for the inclusion of a peer-to-peer sharing option for sharing apps with nearby users.

So if you want to share your favorite new messaging app with family or friends the next time you see them, this might be an option. Though splash screens do appear to be in the Play Store app now, it doesn't seem like the feature is active quite yet.


Keeping this in mind, there are still ways to share apps over a P2P connection on Android. The only difference with this Play Store offering is that it will be directly integrated. Which should make it easier to use for some.

The Play Store will need to use your location for sharing apps

This is probably obvious, but for Google's peer-to-peer sharing in the Play Store to work, it will need your location.

Google put this in place because the Play Store needs to find nearby devices before it can send over the app. Recipients of apps being shared will see the initial of the sender's first name. The name of the device will also be listed.


So if you're using a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, that's what will pop up on screen for the person you're sharing the app with.

Senders will see the exact same information when they go to select devices to share with. To select apps to share, users will need to navigate to the My Apps and Games page, which is reportedly being renamed to Manage Apps and Device.

From this page, users can check boxes next to each app in the list. Then tap the overflow menu button up at the top of the screen to reveal the share option.


Designed for offline sharing

While in many cases you can share apps just by sending the link to one, internet is always easily accessible.

If you're wanting to share an app right away, then P2P sharing would be the solution. And that's the reason why Google is integrating it into the Play Store as a native option.

Offline sharing will be fairly useful for areas or situations where internet might not be accessible. Or where it's slow enough that downloading may take longer than desired. Currently there's no time frame for the release of this feature, but it may not be too far off.