Samsung's Latest Watches Gain The Power Of ECG Monitoring Today

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Today, Samsung's latest watches gain the ability to monitor your ECG – a feature that Samsung announced earlier this year would be coming to its brand of wearables.

The ECG feature would be implemented in Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung noted that since both watches had the hardware components to support ECG monitoring, that both would end up with it through a software update.

It took a while, but that update has finally arrived and the feature can now be accessed through the Samsung Health Monitor app.


Samsung's watches only recently received approval for ECG monitoring

Though Samsung announced this back in the Summer, the feature wasn't immediately available.

That's because it needed to receive approval from the FDA first. This approval is what was holding the feature back from users. And approval just went through earlier this week.

Similar devices have run into the same issue. The Withings Move ECG for example. This still hasn't gotten approval from the FDA. So Samsung wasn't alone here.


The Samsung Health Monitor app is being rolled out to users today. So you may not see it on your own personal watch yet. This also might be a good reason to check and see if your watch has any available updates.

In either case, you won't be able to use it until the app is available, since the ECG feature is part of that app in particular. Samsung also says that you'll need a Galaxy phone to read the results of the ECG and share a PDF with your healthcare provider.

Using the feature is pretty simple

To get started with using the ECG on your Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Galaxy Watch 3, make sure your watch has the Health Monitor app on it.


Samsung also recommends that your watch have a snug fit. So if you tend to wear a bit more loose you may want to tighten it by one notch. Open the app and keep your wrist flat and still, then proceed with starting the reading.

The app then asks you to place your finger on the top button of the watch. Meanwhile it begins and completes the reading. Relevant results are then shown on the watch display. With either a Sinus Rhythm or AFib classification.

Today's update and arrival of the Samsung Health Monitor app adds one additional feature for the Galaxy Watch 3 – the blood oxygen saturation readings. Which you can use to gain better understanding of your personal respiratory well-being.