Samsung Motion Photos Not Showing Up In Google Photos

samsung motion photo music

New reports suggest that Samsung's latest enhanced motion photos are not showing up properly in Google Photos after the One UI 2.5 update.

Note that One UI 2.5 update is the latest and also the last Android 10 based UI update that is released for Samsung devices. After this, eligible devices will pick up One UI 3.0 based on Android 11.

With One UI 2.5 update, Samsung devices also saw the arrival of a new feature called enhanced motion photos. This feature exists in the camera app of the device.

What's more interesting is that this feature is entirely not new. In fact, only the sound component of this feature is new. Confused? Let us clear your confusion.

Basically, a motion photo was already available on the Camera app on older One UI devices. This feature lets you capture a short clip alongside a new photo.

However, with the One UI 2.5 update, Samsung rolled over the sound component as well. Meaning that you will also be able to record the sound of the motion photo, in case you wish to convert it into a 1-second video.

But the latest user reports on the official Google support forum suggest that Samsung users who use Google Photos to store their photos are having difficulties in viewing motion photos.

Google Photos shows One UI 2.5 motion photos as still images

Notably, the One UI 2.5 motion photos are shown as still images in the Google Photos. You can find multiple user reports on the same issue by Samsung users.

The fact is that Google Photos actually did support viewing motion photos when tested a few months ago. We are not sure exactly what has caused the change.

Though the motion photos took some time to process, the audio and video were kept intact. But now it does not seem to be the case.

The best bet is the latest Google Photos update that might have introduced a new bug. And it treats the motion photos as still images. Besides, Google Photos only recently started supporting motion photos.

Google should resolve this issue on a priority basis as Google Photos is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to safely backup the images and videos, which several users use.

And with new features being added by the OEMs with their own custom UI, Google should also keep updating its supported features for the Photos app.

As of now, there is no official acknowledgment by Google. Let us hope that Google is prompt in resolving this issue, as motion photos do give a nice way to keep memories alive. We will keep our eyes on the lookout for any latest developments in this regard.