Samsung Makes It Easy To Play Xbox Games On Your Galaxy Device

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Galaxy Note 20

Playing Xbox games on your Samsung Galaxy device is as easy as one, two, three. Because all you have to do is open the Galaxy Store, find the Xbox Game Pass app and install it, then launch the app.

In less than a minute or two you could be online, streaming games using Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Which just went live this morning.

It’s not just for Samsung Galaxy devices, but Galaxy device owners do get some special perks. The main thing to remember is that your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet is now basically a device for playing Xbox games thanks to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.


Playing Xbox games on a Samsung Galaxy device gets you special perks

Using a Galaxy device isn’t required. It does however have a benefit.

Samsung is giving out free access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Which you need to play Xbox games over the cloud. Normally this costs $14.99 a month. And for Samsung device owners it will eventually.

But if you purchased a Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, or another qualifying Galaxy device like the Galaxy Tab S7, then you can get three months of the service for free.


That’s $45 worth of monthly fees you don’t have to pay for. The other things you need other than the device, is to buy an accompanying Bluetooth controller and download the Xbox Game Pass app from the Galaxy Store instead of the Play Store.

Once you’ve done that, Samsung should email you a code for picking up that special bundle.

The bundle offer is limited, so don’t wait too long

If you’re planning to buy the Galaxy Note 20, don’t wait too long before you do so if you want this deal.


Samsung says it’s a limited-time thing so you won’t be able to get the bundle forever. And once it’s gone it’s gone. Which means you lose out on getting 90 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for no charge.

Unfortunately Samsung doesn’t say how long the bundle will be available for. Just that it’s available for a limited time. That probably means it will be available while supplies last. Which could be sooner or later as it depends on how many customers have interest in it.

If you already purchased a Galaxy Note 20 without the bundle, you can still get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for the first month. That’s a pretty inexpensive entry fee to try out everything it has to offer.