Samsung Bringing Galaxy Watch 3 Features To the Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 AH Leak 01

Samsung has decided to bring a lot of the new features from the Galaxy Watch 3 to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. As reported by SamMobile, this sort of move is something Samsung often do with new devices. Therefore, we should not necessarily be too surprised by it.

Despite only launching in August the Galaxy Watch 3 has already seen its first discount. Samsung has also already pushed an update for the wearable device as well. Therefore, this move to transfer some of its features to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is less surprising even considering how recently the new device released.

When Samsung has done this sort of thing in the past customers tend to react well to it. This is again hardly surprising as it means older devices stay relevant for longer which buys some more customer goodwill.


Galaxy Watch 3 features coming to the Active 2

It is worth noting that the same transfers have not as yet been extended to the Active Watch. This is perhaps because the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has 8 photodiodes at the back. This is double the amount the Galaxy Watch Active has so the company may just have prioritized accuracy in this instance.

Of the new features coming to the Active 2 one of the most exciting is the new and improved running coach. It includes a lot more running metrics that users have found useful since the Watch 3’s release. These include metrics like contact, flight time, stiffness, vertical oscillation.

You can also measure VO2 max now with this new feature. For those that do not know this is an indication of the maximum amount of oxygen, you can utilize during intense exercise.


Samsung has also added fall detection to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The company said it would do this a while ago so it has finally fulfilled that promise. This feature allows users to send an SOS notification to designated contacts if a fall is detected.

Samsung brings across new communications features

The new update also brings across all the new communications features that came with the Galaxy Watch 3. This includes support for emoticons and images, smart reply and chat history.

Samsung has also included the scroll capture feature in this latest update. This means that when you take a screenshot it automatically gets sent as an image to your paired smartphone.


The rollout of this update begins as of September 10. Now that the Active Watch 2 has all of these features then it suddenly becomes quite an attractive prospect compared to the Watch 3. As of now there is little to separate the two in terms of functionality so design is the only distinguishing factor.