Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra To Bundle A Great Battery Package

galaxy s21 ultra battery

Leaks and rumors about Samsung's next year flagship, the Galaxy S21 are already surfacing the internet. And as per the latest 3C Certification, Galaxy S21 Ultra will house a 4,855 mAh battery.

To be honest, looking at the pace at which Samsung has been releasing its devices, we might get the Samsung Galaxy S21 series sooner than expected.

Well, we are on the verge of entering October, and the rumor mill is filled with information and leaks about Samsung's 2021 flagship, the Galaxy S21 series.

Besides, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is now spotted on 3C certification. It reveals that the battery capacity on the device will be 4,855 mAh. This gives some traction to previous leaks.

Note that it was previously leaked that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with a 65W fast charger. And clubbing it with the 4,855 mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would come with a great battery package.

The 3C Certification consists of two different applicants and manufacturers

Interestingly, the 3C certification of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery has been registered by two different applicants and manufacturers.

One is Samsung SDI Company Limited, and the second is Ningde Amperex Technology Limited. The latter has already applied for 3C Certifications for Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ batteries too.

Coming back to the Galaxy S21 Ultra battery 3C Certification, the battery is a Secondary Li-ion Battery. It consists of the model number EB-BG998ABY.

Here the "G998" clearly indicates that this certification is for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Moreover, the certification was issued on 27 and 29 September 2020.

We believe that Samsung would put forth the 5,000 mAh number, which is a usual tactic by the OEMs for their marketing and specs lists.

This would put the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra at par with 2020, Galaxy S20 Ultra, which also packs a 5,000 mAh battery. However, the battery life may differ because the company might tune the processor for better efficiency.

Previously also, a 3C certification revealed the battery capacity of the Galaxy S21 and S21+. The units carried battery model number EB-BG991ABY (SM-G991) and EB-BG996ABY (SM-G996), respectively.

So, the latest leaked 3C certification confirms that it is for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Galaxy S21 is expected to house a 3,880 mAh battery while Galaxy S21+ will pack a 4,660 mAh battery.

All in all, Galaxy S21 Ultra would be a premium flagship to watch out for

Since the leaks and rumors are already pouring in and we are not even done with the year 2020, we may Samsung may have all the elements to make the Galaxy S21 a great lineup.

We are not sure at the moment about the other specs of the device. But surely, information and leaks will start surfacing in the coming weeks regarding that. We will keep our eyes on the lookout for any further developments in this regard.

galaxy s21 ultra 3c certifcation battery