Samsung Will Give Your Galaxy S20 FE Updates For Three Years

Galaxy S20 FE Cloud Lavender

Software updates are one of the most important things about a device, and the Galaxy S20 FE is going to get updates for a while.

Samsung today has officially announced the Galaxy S20 FE, and has confirmed that it will get software updates for three generations before they stop supporting the phone.

That means when the phone launches officially in the near future, or rather when consumers can buy it, it'll receive updates for three years after that point.


One thing to keep in mind though, is that the device launches with Android 10.

Galaxy S20 FE generational updates will start with Android 11

Three years of software updates is great. Because that means Samsung is taking care of this phone for the long haul in a sense.

Worth remembering though is that this device launches with Android 10, and not Android 11. So the first update that hits the Galaxy S20 FE will be Android 11 – the software that Google just launched for its Pixel devices.


Admittedly, it would probably be more exciting for buyers if the device had Android 11 on it. Because that would mean that the Galaxy S20 FE would get bumped up in software all the way to Android 14.

And considering Android 11 just launched, that would give the phone some pretty long life ahead of it. Unfortunately that's not the case. But that's not a huge deal as Android 13 will still be a fair upgrade even if that is the last generation that Samsung will support here.

Three years has quickly become a standard

Samsung continues to show that it's holding itself up to a standard. A standard that promises to give as many devices as possible from its lineup three years of generational OS updates.


Granted, the Galaxy S20 FE is part of the Galaxy S20 family. So it's technically still one of Samsung's flagship phones. And it would be a little bit silly for Samsung not to support it with updates for as long as the original Galaxy S20 line that came out early in the year.

Although Android 11 is already out and it will be the first generational update for the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung hasn't confirmed an arrival date for it.

Google did just push out Android 11 to its own devices. And those are always the first to get it. Soon after Google pushes out the source code. Which manufacturers can then take and use to build up their own version.


Samsung probably hasn't had that long to work with the software. So it could still be a little while before Galaxy S20 FE owners get the update.