Samsung Ditches Sensor Crop On Galaxy S20 FE For Space Zoom

Galaxy S20 FE Camera 2

The Galaxy S20 FE is is now official and most of the camera features are the same, save for Space Zoom.

On the original Galaxy S20, Samsung offered a number of different zoom options. This included a sensor crop feature that would allow you to keep the original image quality even after cropping the photo.

That isn't the case with the Galaxy S20 FE, as Samsung has essentially replaced the sensor crop feature with Space Zoom. Space Zoom is a good trade though. Because it's a more powerful zoom feature that should lead to better photos.


Ones that are more on par with the higher end Galaxy S20 models.

Galaxy S20 FE Space Zoom adds 3x optical zoom

One thing that the Galaxy S20 was lacking was optical zoom capabilities.

This meant that digital zoom was more or less all it had to work with. And while digital zoom can still make for some great shots, ultimately it can still distort the image a little. Or even a lot depending on how much you zoom in.


Space Zoom is Samsung's answer to hopefully rectifying that. Because it comes with the same 3x optical zoom as the more expensive variants of the phone that launched earlier this year. This means users who can't spend the extra money on the Galaxy S20 Ultra can still have a great camera experience.

According to Samsung, Space Zoom will give the user a similar experience to that of the Galaxy Note 20. Space Zoom also includes the 30x digital zoom. So users should be able to get in pretty close to their shots.

Space Zoom also adds Tracking AF and OIS

To make Space Zoom even more powerful, it comes with Tracking AF and OIS.


Neither Tracking AF nor OIS are new features. In fact Samsung's Galaxy S6 had Tracking AF. So it's been around a while for Samsung devices. It has likely gotten plenty better since then, though.

And it's only going to enhance the images that are captured with the phone's rear cameras. In addition, the OIS (optical image stabilization) will help to ensure that the phone is stable enough to capture a perfect shot.

If you don't have the steadiest of hands, OIS is your best friend. While it might be impossible to hold as still as a tripod, the OIS can still help. And it'll be needed.


The more you zoom in the less stable the image sensor can get, and it's much easier to capture a blurry photo when zoomed in as much as the Galaxy S20 FE will allow. So go out there and capture as many images as you like.

Because the Galaxy S20 FE is more than capable of handling your new photography obssession.